“Circular Argument”-Decca Classics 2016

“Circular Argument” is a work that follows a sequence of events with an intense musical language which always balances between irony,sarcasm,and internal conflict.

Nevertheless, nostalgia and mourning,are distinct in the 3rd movement which is the work’s most lyrical part.

Argument and sarcasm seem to stop for a while.

The 4th and last movement start with the main theme which appears transformed.

Previous elements and emotions that dominate the work make their appearance by fighting with one another up to a cry of despair represented by a big dissonant chord by all instruments.

Who will dominate in this argument?


  1.Au CIRque  – 3΄19

  2.U L (i) AR – 3’38

  3.Let’s not ARGue – 4’05

  4.It’s not MEaNT – 3’48

      Ventus Ensemble :

      Dimitris Gogkas – Trumpet

      Fanis Vernikos – Trumpet 

       Yannis Gounaris – French Horn

       Spiros Vergis – Trombone

       Menelaos Moraitis – Tuba

Recorded February 9 2015 at Kyriazis Studios 

Mixed and Mastered  by Yannis Lampropoulos